CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Poland


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  1. I'm sorry what now? You have to pay? No thanks, I'll pass even though I looked forward to playing Poland.

  2. Are you guys satisfied that you're ripping off your fans with this crap DLC for $5? Is this seriously what we're paying for with the Deluxe version?

  3. 5 euro for a single civ, the horrible AI gets no improvement, and people wonder why I turn to buccaneering for this game. Greed is going to serve you well Firaxis.

  4. Yup, all those jokes you guys had about how many Poles it takes to screw in a lightbulb….

    Now we run Civ 6 XD

  5. I have an idea for the next civ. Queen Christina of Sweden, she was the daughter of Gustavus Adolphus. She was considered one of the most intelligent rulers of her time, implying maybe some science bonuses. She also was in power when Sweden set up its first colonies in both North America and Africa. She also had quite a long reign of 22 years. Honestly I think she would be an awesome choice.

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