Civilization VI Infinite Gold & Faith Cheat Engine


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  1. Question: Is the hex value displayed in the table a fixed address? Meaning, could I manually input that value as displayed in the video into my CE, and manipulate gold directly that way, or is it a randomly allotted address each time the game boots up?

  2. The gold value is not actually the value you see ingame. I've found out that you need to take your Money times 256 and you have the cheat engine value. The video actually helped me so I don't know why there are so many dislikes. (My America is millionair now =D)

  3. this is so confusing, you just keep changing increased value to unchanged value back and fort.. wtf please explain something

  4. I tried doing this but my values keep changing in the game cheat window, it's not static like yours.

  5. I got +18.6 per turn, currently got 160 gold. Is there any way i can jsut cheat from 160 to 20 000? Or in this game works only infinite?

  6. a smart observer will notise that the memory number seem to be ~256x the ingame number… for the ppl that realy want to speed up there searching… ;)

  7. if you dont have too much gold or faith you can start searcing for a value betwenn don't know 100 and 10000.

    It will be faster.

    For example 6960 is my ingame value to 27 (realy not 27, the value may be between 26.5 and 27.49 i supose)

    so if u have less seach valeu between 100 and 6960.

    4500 gold is 1164300 So search vale from 100 and 1164300

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