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  1. Just looking at specs, I only bought my mac in December 2015 – it has the Intel HD Graphics 6000 card… not the iris pro – does this mean the game wont work – or just lower quality graphics?

  2. I guess there's no info on specs, for those of us with MacBooks? Can someone determine by the PC specs how that could translate towards the MacBook users?

  3. Thank you for continuing to support Mac gaming, I sincerely hope we'll be able to use Steam mods this time around, hint hint. And special thanks are due for getting Sean Bean as narrator, I have (of course I have!) been watching Quill 18's pre-release videos and Sean's delivery is absolutely awesome.

  4. Sweet! Glad to hear in the FAQ that the Mac version may possibly be released at launch, and even if it's not, that still indicates to me that it'll at least be made available much sooner than I had originally thought.

    Thanks for the update Aspyr, and for bringing us this port!

  5. After wasting my money on preordering Civilization Beyond Earth, which was such a huge disappointment, I wont be doing that again! No wonder it was on sale a couple of months later… I'll just stick to the good ol' Civ V.

  6. I'm not a Mac player, but you guys are the best. From updating Knights of the Old Republic 2, to this, you guys have shown you truly care.

  7. What is this? A teaser to a release date? Even though I don't get the meaning of Pre-order, while I am ordering to something… It's like pre-boarding at the airport… what the hell does it mean? But anyway.. How do you expect me ordering something I don't know when it is coming out? Is it a marketing strategy or you uploaded the wrong video?

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