Civilization VI: My First Deity Game — A Post Mortem / Review


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  1. i wish quill18 would make a review on current civ6 mods he recommends for quality of life and stuff

  2. scythia is massively OP in early game and wars in general. that kill-healing… playing as gilgamesh and things are quite a bit harder.

  3. IMO, i dont like its art style very much but that does not matter, but its gameplay needs revamping if you ask me. if things are unbalanced or the ai is no fun to play against, then whats the point? why release a game before it is ready. i would rather wait longer for a amazing game at launch then have a dissapointment.

  4. Yes the game needs a trade route sort function. It would make managing 30+ trade routes so much easier to optimize. As far as the difficulty goes I think I'll avoid complaining and snag my deity achieve now because it probably will get harder. I'm still having a lot of fun with the new shiny systems myself but I can see how some of the top 1% of players would get frustrated.
    From my experience it seems like the ai is pretty bad at setting up adjacencies like pairing the harbor and commercial districts when possible, not placing campuses and holy sites in great spots, building farms on hills next to IZs, etc. It almost makes me want to raze some of the cities I take. The other one I'm seeing a lot is no AIs seem interested in certain wonders and I can pull them late game. I was able to build the Terracotta Army in the late game in 8 turns on epic speed in the game I'm playing now. That's on immortal diff too.

  5. I just got civ 5 after loving civ 6 so much. There are actually a surprising amount of things civ 5 has that civ 6 didn't. City-states are way more fun and interactive for example. Anyone else agree?

  6. it sucks, i tried it, cartoon graphics are unbearable and the music not as good as civ 5, i played beyond earth way more then i did this.

  7. I always thought you were a fedora wearing annoying tool, but this is a great review.
    I still think you're a fedora wearing annoying tool.

  8. Big time Civ 5 player here, I hate Civ 6; they didn't fix anything from civ 5, all the dev's did was start all over again with almost entirely new game mechanics; and of course all new problems to go along with them. Frankly it is overly complicated, the AI was seemingly just cut and pasted from 5, and has all of the same BS flaws, and I found it utterly unplayable the first play through. Plus the tutorial sucks. I've never played a video game that wasn't obvious about what to do; what resources to gather, how to gather more, and what objectives you should try for. Civ 6 failed to amuse, was a complete frustration, and just did not live up to my expectations.

  9. the game is too easyy. a double slinger start literally prevents barbarians from doing anything whatsoever

  10. I like you review. One small point though: I am missing a few more maps. It really added to Civ V to have realistic world maps and such. All the standard things you really need are there, but you know, somehow it just feels a bit more special to settle around the mediterrainean see or carribean. I already missed that scrolling through the options. But on the other hand, what really matters are the game mechanics, and apart from maybe some AI behaviour they are stellar at first glance!

  11. The game isn't very hard for sure (especially when it comes to waging war), but playing scythia helps quite a bit 😉

  12. You should check the Replay gold. And see how much gold AI got. o_0 and still no builders to improve the tiles 🙂

  13. The only thing I think is missing is the diplomatic victory. I hope they expand on the diplomacy and agendas by introducing things like the UN etc

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