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  1. damn this trailer really makes u look back and be proud of what humans have acomplished yet u look to the present and it makes u ashamed of what we ahve become

  2. I'm a 100% sure that's Sean Bean's voice : "a better tomorrow". I was waiting for a "winter is coming" :D

  3. Is there an Multiplayer Option available where you can play with your friends?Or is civ 6 only singleplayer

  4. See i switch between watching these trailers and gaining faith in humanity then i read the news and it all goes

  5. You blurred the breasts of the women on Delacroix's painting (La liberté guidant le peuple). Ah, you American's, always funny with your contradictions ^^

  6. I think what makes us greater in this trailer than we pessimistically think we are is that history doesn't understand of minor triffles, therefore when seen in perspective, great civilizations and achievements look wonderful, and injustice and bigotry is always overlooked. Sumerians were sacrifice practicers, a layered unfair society and I guess like all others cruel with their rivals, but they were one of the first known civilizations, they built impressive cities when Europe was pilling rocks (quite impressive stonehenge though) and our culturea and all great civilizations since are absolutely rooted on them and full of their culture, HOW COOL IS THAT. We love this vid because we are romanticists.

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