Civilization VI: What’s New or Changed? [Technology, Civics, Districts, Wonders, etc…]


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  1. So I'm giving up smoking weed, after like 10 years, and it's super hard…Can't sleep at all, so 2:30am here in UK, downloaded Civ just now from Steam…I'm starting it up, and going to let your video run in the background so I can listen to it. Appreciate your uploads man.

  2. I don't understand how none of the people who got the early copy noticed this yet >< Space for boost (eureka/inspiration) has a graphic for it => an empty bar that goes halfway, with border, but not filled. So if you start researching tech before getting eureka, the bar will shift, thus showing you at what point you need to stop researching to go the rest of the way with the boost. You can also use this graphic to determine answer to your question 'if i already got the boost, can I still get eureka' => well if eurica bar has been fully filled, then no you can't. Durp.

  3. All of the videos that Firaxis put up didn't excite me about the game as much as this is. I finally get what's different and it seems they nailed it this time with so much great improvements: The way movement works on the terrain, districts and especially the policy tree and much more are very very welcomed! Thanks quil18!

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