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  1. It’s working but when I tried to upgrade or build something it shows error
    (client n server out of sync) like this help

  2. Guys it works belive me I did it the hack but I know why it’s not working
    for u becuase you don’t have a rooted device u have to have KINGROOT in
    play store

  3. First it doesn’t stay permently. Second u can’t get it anyways. And 3rd
    make a video that we can use

  4. Ay why does it ssy out of sync when I hack it worked but thn out of sync
    appears thn exits me out and takes way wat I hacked tell me if u hav the
    answer bra.

  5. He tried to back out when it said server out of sync haha so fake I’ve
    tried so many times a long time ago

  6. fuck this doesnt work at all, just fooling everybody, every time the game
    reloads and when i quit the game and reopened it , theres no reward to
    claim,, wasted my time u fuckface

  7. Just a heads up, If you click the menu button again, Data control > modify
    all values, you can do it all at once.

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