Clash Royale – ARRIVE AT CLAN WARS ISLAND! – Part 2 (april update concept idea, new game mode)


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Hope you guys enjoyed Clash royale – CLAN WARS UPDATE! (trailer) (april update concept idea, new game mode, clan vs clan), its for the new april update, this trailer was not as creative as my others because of a lack of time hope you guys enjoyed this april update concept or idea, with a new chest, and new pages. clan wars in clash royale.
here are some videos on clash royale new cards, some clash royale card ideas,


Hey, i am Sardar a clash royale YouTuber that does clash royale concepts. so far I have made a lot of concepts and leaks for my channel. I started off with my first concept which is the halloween arena clash Royale concept which is the first of the channels concepts. After that i created the water arena or the water park arena for clash royale, which was a november update concept or “leak” 🙂 After that i created the amazon arena or the jungle arena which was leaked along with the temple arena in clash royale. During december me and havoc gaming made the Christmas arena in clash royale and afterwards i made the dark princess troop as a new card concept for the game. another card concept i made was the jungle dragon which is a new card with vines for a tungue etc. After that i started making gameplay for these new cards, some of them being the first one which is the ice dragon card in clash royale which its idea was leaked via some clash royale leakers. After that came my biggest update so far which is a collab with Vov Vovson and is the water arena. in this arena we have troops like the fisherman, the hydra, the piranhas and the water barrel with gameplay for these new cards. Finally so far, i have made the dark arena in clash royale with new cards such as the dark dragon concept and the ghost card which supercell leaked and i decided to make a concept in the new update concept. i have gameplay for these new cards and more. Thank you for watching means the world for me. new leaked cards


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  1. Update trailer coming tomorrow or Saturday 😉 (also the voice is edited to sound like the hog lmao)

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