Climb the ladder EASILY with THE Best DECK in Clash Royale!!


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Climb the ladder EASILY with THE Best DECK in Clash Royale!!was extracted from

Climb the ladder EASILY with THIS Best DECK in Clash Royale!! Creator Code for Supercell Games ►►► NYTE #ClashRoyale SEASON 9 4th birthday update! there are new emotes (battle healer, royal giant, sparky, cake fish and pekka balloons!), new birthday arena and a new card royal mail that drops a package with a royal recruit in it!

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Climb the ladder EASILY with THE Best DECK in Clash Royale!!

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  1. I haven’t watched nick in about 3 years he now has tattoos, black nails, and looks emo as hell what did I miss??

  2. Hey nick I just started playing clash again and I’m at around 4.8-5k trophies but all there is is mega knights and balloons what should I do?

  3. Damn nick, have been with you since 400k. I remember the old office with the baby drag plushies and stuff, glad to see you growing so well!

  4. Sir Hugh Jas “cooooo…”
    I love that you were already midway through the name before realizing he was setting you up 😂

  5. this dude looks like a washed up old man trying to be funny and crack cringe jokes to 13 y/o kids … looks like he's been on a heroin bender

  6. Yet another deck where he doesn't lose at all, but when I try it I can't win a single game. I hate this game, but love watching Nick play

  7. Hats off to you for being one of the few that actually plays their own game instead of spectating a buddy

  8. Looking to trade e wiz for logs. I have maxed e wiz and 11/10 legendary tokens lol. Anyone know a clan I can join to trade with? @me so I can get a notification

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