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  1. Thanks for entering guys! The giveaway is now closed! To find out if you
    won, go to your inbox! You should recieve a message from us saying you won!
    All you need to do is reply to that with your Steam account username!
    Thanks for entering!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway 😀 i really want this to update my channel with
    more content, i am really curious about this game. sry bad english

  3. I want Garry’s mod because all my freinds have it and I want it but it’s
    really hard to buy it because my parents don’t want to use their credit
    card, please :3

  4. I want garrys mod because its garrys mod and its amazing. Also i have i low
    end pc and its one of the only things i can run.

  5. I wan’t garry’s mod becuse i Don’t Have it but all of my firend’s got it
    and i can’t pay for the game and i really wan’t to play whit my friends

  6. I want garry’s mod because I have been wanting it for a while (I am broke)
    I have enough to pay my bills and thats about it, My friend has been
    wanting me to play online with him for a while and I just do not have the
    money, Slabbed if you give me the key it would mean so much to me.

  7. I want Garry’s mod because you can do a WHOOOLE bunch of things
    – Prop hunt
    – Trouble in Terrorist Town
    – The hidden (oh wait no, that’s not with gmod)
    – Murder
    – Tower
    You can also make your own cars, with all the props for HL2 😀

    And I don’t have money to buy it :/

  8. I really want it because I have seen so many people have fun with it and
    currently, Im under a really tight budget and can’t really afford to buy
    games so it would be awesome to get GMod

  9. I would like Garrys Mod because I don’t have the money to buy it and I
    really want to play with my mates like the Yogscast do with their flying
    trains etc :)

  10. I would like to win Garrys mod just to give it to a friend of mine so we
    can actually play together a game we both like.
    Thanks for the giveaway gl with your channel! 

  11. i would like to get garrys mod, because at the moment i didnt have enough
    money to buy this awesome game. I see this giveaway as a opportunity to get
    this game. I hope i have a chance

  12. It’s a game I have wanted for a long time. I don’t want to use any money
    for games right now because my parents need all the money they can get for
    our new store. (I have them the 200$ or so I had saved up.) and it would be
    awesome to play. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I want Garrys Mod because I like the game, I loved it since it was released

    But I dont have the money to buy it ….
    Good luck to everyone

  14. I want Garry’s Mod because i like sandbox games and i cannot buy because my
    debit card doesn’t work. I really want to play this game. :)

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