[CLOSED] Free Garry’s Mod Steam Key – SAJCON’S GIVEAWAYS (Ended)

Filename: [CLOSED]Garry’.zip

FileSize: 18 MB

Rating: 4

Free [CLOSED]Garry’ is ready for download

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[CLOSED] Free Garry’s Mod Steam Key – SAJCON’S GIVEAWAYS (Ended)was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15718


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  1. I want to win the key because my friends have the game and are always
    playing it so i am stuck playing by my self and i would love to get the
    game so i could hang out with my friends thnx =D

  2. I think i should have it because my parents dont buy me video games. To
    them they are a waist of money. But to me video games let me relax and
    forget about all my problems and have fun! Tons of my friends have this
    game and i really want it so i can chill out with them. Thanks for taking
    the time to read this comment i really appreciate it.

  3. I’ve been wanting to buy Garry’s mod forever, but i just haven’t had the
    money to it, and i would be really happy to get it and btw, i’ve been
    watching your videos since you made your 5th video :)

  4. I played it with my friend on his steam i would like to have one to play
    with my friends,my parents wont buy me one . 

  5. because i love the game and i want to destroy fxxxing GMAN.
    and i wanna make people heads large.
    please i want the game so much my parents dont let me buy it.
    P.S. like you soo much if you give me the key.

  6. i would really appreciate Garry’s mod I’ve always wanted it so i could play
    with my friends online and create my imagination so yeah that’s it really.
    so please pick me
    good luck everyone! 

  7. I have seen +SeaNanners played GM for 2 weeks. Very excited. Also, im a CS
    -series player for 5 years too, although i dont have any CS steam version
    :P. I like CSS most, : Graphic greatly, Gameplay greatly, Smooth as hell,
    easy to play, good community. And, GM uses Havok engine from CSS, so i
    would like it if you give me one 🙂 Thanks . My twitter :@deadend172

  8. Hey sajcon. I would like very much the key, as I never used steam before.
    I just made an account. I would buy the game myself, but I don’t have a
    credit card… or enough money. I have played Garry’s mod before on a
    friend’s computer, and really enjoyed it ( it is a great game ).
    So I would really appreciate if you could give me the key. Thank you for
    taking the time to read this :)

  9. I tried two years to receive a gmod key and i love gmod so much if i get it
    the key i’m going to cry .I really like gmod.my parents cant buy the game.
    P.s i really want the game……

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