1. ive tried this a million times a million different ways and it doesnt work
    either its patched or you cat do it with modio because i did it exactly how
    you did and tried stuff then it says some stupid crap and doesnt show
    anything in my vault…

  2. I also think they patched this in the last update because the save corrupts
    EVERY TIME, and I closely followed everything you said. I didn’t even need
    to be told how, I just tried it so many times that I thought I did
    something wrong.

  3. Hey, all the steps worked fine and i dint get any errors but the game mode
    didn’t do anything. Just a regular game mode.

  4. I know this video is about the game mod but wow the background music is
    great i didnt know u listen to electronic music! So cool man

  5. when i loaded it up it said unable to load saved game modes what does that
    mean cause i did everything right

  6. Hey Game-Tuts, can you invite me to one of those custom rank lobbies in
    your recent video? I’ve been using modio for two years and are V.I.P! But
    please can you? Gamertag: R3TR0 11D7

  7. i dont know why but the save isnt right. i know i did it right. ive used
    modio forever now. please help me. the mod saves and replaces the old one.
    however when i play the save it isnt modded. please help

  8. Hey dude do you have to use modio for this because I can`t download modio
    for some reason It was downloading with no trouble then it said something
    about aborting the connection not even reading it I clicked ok and now the
    download is useless HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey dude I was wondering 2 things does this work on online multiplayer
    before I try this for real.
    and 2 If It doesn’t could I get an invite to a modded lobby for like to
    increase my rank by 1 prestige not 10. Thanks 😀 

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