Colour Filter for Civ 6 ► PhotoKinetik ‘Westeros’ [Civilization VI Mod Spotlight #1]


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Colour Filter for Civ 6 ► PhotoKinetik ‘Westeros’ [Civilization VI Mod Spotlight #1]was extracted from


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  1. When will they open the workshop. Shit if taking for ever. I need new civ mods.. Missing some old ones from civ 5

  2. Honestly… this looks pretty terrible if you ask me. It's like there's a heavy layer of dust on my monitor or something. Reducing the colors is fine and all but this is waaaayy too much. Not to mention it doesn't really fit the art style anymore

    But yes at least the idea is out there, maybe there'll be better filters coming out (though personally I don't really think it's necessary, the game looks perfectly fine like it is)

  3. Looks so dull… I think this filter is a bit too extreme. Ill wait for a realistic filter that is less dull than this one, although I personally like the new art style.

  4. Great mod, even if I have to endure this water death laser it is still worth to get rid of of 'cartoony mobile freemium Disney childish clown-like immersion-breaking clay monkeys for 6 year olds' stupid colors. Now if only some talented modder can get rid of the ridiculous explosions when swords and arrows are used, oh and the stupid jumps that builders do.

  5. i will never understand people on the internet… "the game looks vibrant and interesting, thats so bad!"
    like, what?

  6. Someone please tell me how to skip the Leader Chats. Cleopatra will not SHUT UP. Every few turns its the same damn your army is small line. Cannot stand that I can't skip these.

  7. Hi Zakh, I like your Civ6 series but I'm waiting so impatiently for another pharaoh gameplay or any other classic citybuilder for that matter 🙂

  8. D3D11 caused lag for me when I was testing it, so if you're on D3D11, try DXGI. If DXGI try the other way around. I have no lag at all, but I'm also running Titan X's SLI and 32GB DDR4. As far as UI being affected by DoF, that's just how ReShade works. Maybe some day we will have auto UI detection, but for now we can only use UI Mask, which can only obscure static UI elements.

  9. also our world happens to be vibrant and beautiful with amazing things around every corner around every Hill at every sunrise and sunset doubtful that this is one of the reasons behind the art change but I'll take that leap

  10. the art style is great , bright and very easy to understand what is what … that filter makes the game look blurry and depressing

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