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  1. Mathas– I know it's vid 2 and 3 is out and I know you're probably not interested in even doing a 5th of what he does, but a suggestion on "theming" your rides. Look up CTOP and see his Planet Coaster vids. He has some really wonderful parks that aren't that hard to replicate, does everything in time lapse and has commentary. He does a great job with theming. It may give you some ideas, but not sure how practical most of that stuff is with money turned on. But again! Just for ideas on what you can do with the game.

  2. i would imagine making the queues longer would make people thing the lines are shorter. when they see empty space, they enter.

  3. Hey Mathas, if you want to "justify" the pirate/ocean themed ride that's all the crazy. Just call it the "Hollow deck"

  4. There is a filter option in the scenery tab to just show "sci-fi" items. It's next to the search bar.

    The priority queues everyone seems to have trouble with. The "entry" is where they leave the regular queue so it goes near the entrance. The exit is where they rejoin the normal queue so it goes near the front of the line.
    You can then set priority for the priority pass holders per ride also. It is set to equal by default which means they take turns coming from regular and priority queue, or you can set it to high, which means ALL the priority pass holders will be put on the ride before any regular ticket holders.

  5. I think the whirly ride is so crowded because it's family friendly, meaning there can be the same number of of people waiting in line, it's just one person is actually 3 sometimes.

  6. hi if you want to place bins and benches you must put it in the road because if you don't put the bin in the road the guests will throw trash every were Im saying the truth

  7. If the lines are very long for a ride, shouldn't all their queues be set for "don't launch until it's full"?
    Because it seems like no matter how many people are in line,t he ride launches when it's half full regardless.
    So the airplane whirly whatever ride, the circley squid ride, their queues should be set to "don't launch until full"?
    Of course, I don't own the game, so… That's just a viewer observation, and I'm not 100% sure it'll even work.

  8. mathas notes the queues are too long, but still has them running at half capacity. he rants about this for the teacups, yet doesn't notice that's true for every other ride he has. this made me so frustrated, it would earn him more money, reduce queue times, and make the guests happier if he would simply increase the capacity of the rides…

  9. you can search for just sci fi stuff in the search tabs, it'll make it a lot easier for you to find relevant objects to put around your park

  10. If you're still having trouble with people complaining that the que lines are too long, you can maybe go in and bring the "number of rotations" down like we were able to do in Roller Coaster Tycoon and make the ride time shorter.

  11. Mathas, you're missing out on a big part of the game. You can completely customize the scenery/themes of anything using the custom building options. The food and drink and bathroom stalls you have set down there are base models that are meant to be expanded upon using the custom building options.

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