[CONSOLE] Does Overwatch Need Aim Assist?

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  1. I honestly think the aim assist makes it 10x harder to aim, I was just in a game where I literally couldn't turn around because aim assist kept me locked on to the target I was fleeing from.

  2. I like how they have it now with the aim-assist sensitivity slider. It's great for adjusting based on the character's purpose. I've completely removed aim-assist for characters like Widowmaker, Zenyatta, Pharah, ect. And I have it fully active on characters that don't have a direct fire path such as Winston and Symmetra. Then I have all of the inbetweens, like Mercy with 50% assist and Tracer at 25%. I did this for all characters and also calibrated the camera sensitivity per character. I'm still fine tuning as I play, but I highly recommend that if you're playing competitive, to take the time to calibrate the characters you most use.

    And here is where I see aim-assist isn't an issue. Everyone has access to changing the sensitivity to their preference. So if someone is out performing you in competitive, one of the factors may be that they have spent the time calibrating their characters and remapping buttons, so maybe you should too.

    Everyone has access to all of the same settings, so the playing field is already even. If you don't change the default settings at all, you'll likely not do very well. :)

  3. Aim assist on PC was a problem because people could find ways to give the mouse aim assist. That's the same for console with M&KB adapters, but it's easier to exploit on PC.

    "There should be no aim assist in competitive . . . there's no reason to have different version of the same game"
    Completely agree. I've long been against aim assist in console multiplayer because it reduces the aiming skill gap. There's obviously still a large gap, but there's no reason to shrink it when multiplayer is all about testing your skill against others.

    I do want to say, that the differences in aiming are not because of the sensitivity differences(that is a factor), but it's mainly things like deadzone issues and bad acceleration. Those issues create most of the inaccuracy tied to controllers, and why most people think controllers need aim assist in the first place. This applies to nearly every console title, but especially to Overwatch.
    Overwatch currently has notoriously bad aiming controls, which hopefully will be fixed in the next patch, but as of now is a good example of these issues.

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