Controller vs Mouse & Keyboard – Benefits, Thoughts & Comparison (Destiny 2 PC)


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  1. I do so much better wit controller than with m+k. It's weird. Maybe it's because I'm used to controller and I'm not used to the snappiness of a mouse. But I also get shot less when I use a controller, like the bullets hit me less and my enemies are less accurate. I'm talking about PvP here. It's weird but I think I'll stick with controller.

  2. First of all: your score was amazing!
    Second, although I play enough games on PC with keyboard and mouse I am switching back to controller for Destiny 2 as I spent hundreds of hours in Destiny 1 on Xbox One and can not reprogram my muscles it seems.
    Thanks for a great talk about both options.

  3. Would you suggest a gaming laptop over gaming pc? Ive seen some really good deals on gaming laptops, but pc towers have some cool features, like holding my beer while i play.

  4. i am deadly accurate with a shotgun irl thanks to video games i haven't used mouse and keyboard AT all when i played FPS games also any recommendations for bluetooth mouse and keyboards that work with a ps4 i want to use them to get the hang of d2 pc controls before i get d2 for pc

  5. SMGs on PC with a mouse fire like lasers. They barely have any recoil. If you're using an Antiope, you could literally use it at auto rifle range o_o

  6. Man, why are you tubers debating this? Anyone who has any pc experience knows it's not close. It's not a damn debate. Kb and m is leaps and bounds better.

  7. Excellent video as always. How does an XIM4 play on PS4? I heard it's a pretty good M&K converter for console

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