Could not get Debug Privilege! Are you Admin? Autodesk [XFORCE] Error (100% SOLVED)


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Could not get Debug Privilege! Are you Admin? Autodesk [XFORCE] Error (100% SOLVED)was extracted from


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  1. Dear DateYana, if you are not able to access local security policy by typing path please access to the below path manually.
    C:WindowsSystem32. Find file name "Secpol.msc". Run it as an administrator. If you do not find any file with such name over here, it means that your Os has been modified with some virus. You can copy and paste the file "Secpol.msc" from any of your collegue system with same operating system and bit architecture to your system within C:WindowsSystem32. Everything must work fine. If it still doesnt contact us over whatsapp 08594972515. We will help you to fix it.

  2. Question though, what if the Local Security Policy isn't on the list at all? I also made sure all hidden files and folders were showing. I even tried typing the path in the bar but after I press Enter it just changes the path to system32 and doesn't lead anywhere.

  3. Dear Stu, this was demo video. We assure you that our next video tutorial will be complete which will also include voice guide. Anyway thank you for your support.

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