CRACKDOWN 3 – 12 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (E3 2017) Xbox One, PC


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CRACKDOWN 3 – 12 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (E3 2017) Xbox One, PCwas extracted from


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  1. Yall are a bunch of cry ass little pussies. The gaming community is impossible to satisfy at all I swear. I can't wait for this game, I've been waiting for its release since the first day I got my Xbox one a few years back. Crackdown 1 was amazing. It had an interesting story, a lot of destruction and mayhem, and just very very fun.

  2. For all you PS4 fanboys be jealous. This game has a better story than Horizon Zero Dawn… And this game has better graphics than your Uncharted 4..

  3. This will be game in 2018 ? Wtf … This game looks like from year i dont know 2005-2006… I bet Microsoft working on this game half year max…

  4. by the way, it doesn't looks like 2017 game, i highly recommend try Agents of Mayhem. Especially the graphic. CRACKDOWN 3 totally wastes the power of xboxone x

  5. STFU about destruction. They have said from the beginning it was for MP only! What worries me is why does this game look much worse than the original game from the last decade? Why???

  6. Agents of Mayhem:Can i copy your homework
    CrackDown:sure but don't make it too obvious

    Agents of Mayhem released

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