1. check the date of the video dumbass gaia has updated since these which are obviously outdated and no longer work

  2. hahaha it’s all underlined once he “edited” the gold, he used the javascript code to edit the page and typed it out. what an idiot LOL. all these programs which let you “edit gold” steal your password so you get scammed.

  3. Kenny Is Reall haha I Had Like five different hacks From himm haha But they never worked Buts its cool (: I always wait for more to come..Hopefully

  4. Ok first of all ive known kenny since 2010. all his bots are elgit but when thousands of ppl use them they get too popular so gaia had mods patch them so ppl cant do it anymore. kenny pays money to make new server but hes not just gonna give this one away for free so THIS one can get patched as well. so yea you gotta pay. and for all you people who sayy he “fake” and a “hacker” fuck you cuz hes not.

  5. since you can just get gold and items when ever you want, can I have an expensive item you duplicated? It shouldnt effect you since you can make more… right?

  6. Well dude you try your best i can atleast give you a virtual hand clap and a pat on the back also not everything can be free these days you gotta spend money to make money(Gaia wise)

  7. So as of right now are you aware of any free working generators that require no surveys at all please respond

  8. Reading those last comments. It seems that the I.Q. of the user drops significantly. Believe it or not, his generators do work. You just have to be fasg enough to reap the benefits of them before Gaia patches them. And well “Sorry I trusted you”. Well your cheating in a game, so you cant complain about trusting someone.

  9. I’m sorry that I trusted you and wasted my precious memory trying to find a working gold generator so I can get some millions easily. I heard lots of positive comments about you and your hacks and not just on Youtube…sorry.

  10. dude its prolly his friends makin sock accts. if he had money to hire people he wouldnt be trying to charge for a program thats just gonna be patched out.

    anyways, i feel bad for kenny he cant even make a quick buk off his 1337 skillz : (

  11. Jesus Christ, don’t even act like you don’t know that you can hire people to post positive comments. lmfao

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