Crusader Kings 2 How to Edit Save File

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  1. can you tell me how to change crown authority? pretty bad when you play immortal character that you can't change :(

  2. I uncoded my files, but when I open them the words don't have breaks and continue along the pages. Half the data is missing and I can't read the save file.

  3. How can we alter our giovernment form? Like I am the Byzantine emperor (feudal) and I want to be a merchant republic.

  4. Hello Arumba, I want to thank you for your videos. Your tutorials helped me get into CK2.

    One question, is it possible to edit others' opinions of my character?

  5. Wow now I don't have to wait to become my son to get a name I want for my heir, I can just edit the file – so much easier than assassinating all my grandsons.

    Arumba you rock, I've had this game for months and I never could figure out how to start until I watched your tutorial series, now I'm having a blast.  You have a way of explaining things that makes it all make sense, and an easygoing entertaining style.  I'm clicking like all over the place…

  6. Does not work for me. I open it with editpad++ just like in the video but all the text looks like this:

    ZÅ €%”V&㼕p‚VÐÀVU+iÚ

    Can someone please help me, I don't know what to do.

  7. Hey Arumba, just wondering, it appears that every time I edit the save documents, the game crashes when I try to load the edited file (but all I've done is change the name of a character). Does this have something to do with the way I saved file? When i saved it, notepad asked if you want to save it in a text-only format, is that what it's supposed to be? Thanks!

  8. It not work. I have this on Notepad++: PK.        ̪Ѐ' óÄ   Wales Campain.ck2BZ

  9. I know this may sound completely stupid but how do i make a new line for instance if i want to add a Father or mother without removing the Attributes.

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