Crusaders quest-Ultimate magnax without healer

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  1. Technically you still got healing from the other guys team, but legit stun spam on that dragon!

  2. The other guy is doing all the shit. Stunning Magnax and tanking damage and reducing its armor. MVP is that guy, actually.

  3. Ive finished fighting all the dungeon bosses but i cant seem to get legendary heroes .. Any tips on how to get it ? Ive accidentally return my leon early in the game which i know i shouldnt have but i was new to the game . 

  4. why do you spam blocks instead of doing 3x combo? And what is the best goddess if I use Leon/Robin/Priest?

  5. As exchange hero? I'm in the game from the beginning with three heroes and some phases but not only gets those three heroes wanted to change them and put other.

  6. Can you show a video how to level up fast? Btw I subscribed love the crusaders quest videos you are the only one who post this game.

  7. I didn't know spamming block activate button would work LOL. Do you know of a site where they can give unit ratings and some more tutorials on the game, (except for tips and tricks page) I have been playing for a week or so now and still things I don't really understand. Like weapon conversion does it get better or it just changes ? Also is it worth using contracts or better to just upgrade characters you find ? I am saving my gems right now. Have 23. I'm only lvl14, have a 4 star lvl38 Robin Hood, 4 star lvl36 Richard the king and another 3 star archer. Thanks in advance

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