Crusaders quest-Ultimate magnax without healer

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  1. Ive finished fighting all the dungeon bosses but i cant seem to get legendary heroes .. Any tips on how to get it ? Ive accidentally return my leon early in the game which i know i shouldnt have but i was new to the game . 

  2. As exchange hero? I'm in the game from the beginning with three heroes and some phases but not only gets those three heroes wanted to change them and put other.

  3. I didn't know spamming block activate button would work LOL. Do you know of a site where they can give unit ratings and some more tutorials on the game, (except for tips and tricks page) I have been playing for a week or so now and still things I don't really understand. Like weapon conversion does it get better or it just changes ? Also is it worth using contracts or better to just upgrade characters you find ? I am saving my gems right now. Have 23. I'm only lvl14, have a 4 star lvl38 Robin Hood, 4 star lvl36 Richard the king and another 3 star archer. Thanks in advance

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