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  1. I did a bit of research on zig zag effect. Hopefully your viewers will find it helpful and balanced (as I am not taking sides with this discussion).

    A legit looking aimbot calculates the view aim angle difference using player's position XYZ and enemy's position XYZ. If an enemy is within the player's FOV while firing or aimkey is held, the mouse moves towards the target often using a smoothing function to avoid jerky suspect movements. While bullets are firing, recoil compensation is factored for each bullet fired based on subtracting aim punch angle x2 so shots go consistently to the head or neck bone if spread and movement isn't factored or can be manipulated by the aimbot.

    Ko1N, the uber cheat coder from Germany, has a PrOverwatch video that discusses how aimbot behaves around objects like walls and doors due to BSP: https://youtu.be/jMYSDbhxq5w (Oh look, it's Shox and Shroud on the video!)

    If tickrate is 64 or 128 then the aimbot updates happen every 8ms or 14ms. The rate of fire for M4 is 90ms and AK is 100ms so correcting for recoil and aim is trivial using an aimbot. Thus a pull from the bot would zig the player's zag.

    Average human reaction time for visual is 250ms and for sound is 170ms if you google it. Assuming that CSGO pros are twice as fast, then the microadjustments are happening 85ms to 125ms for human CSGO pros. Twice as fast means that a pro is able to react and predict with reasonable accuracy. Prediction can be pre-aiming spots ahead of firing which sometimes leads to what appears to be an aimlock or wallhack. Knowing recoil patterns will increase accuracy too.

    A 128 tick demo would suggest that a microadjustment zig or zag would happen every 10 frames for a pro based on suggested reaction time and provided there is not strafing combined. I believe that strafing will introduce right angles to the mouse movement. When studying demos, I think player's movement should also be considered if you want to rule out things like bugs and other anomalies…

    If a player is showing zig zagging at far less than 10 frames without movement then we're looking at something that's harder to explain why. Mouse lifting? Textured mouse mats? Private cheats? Unknowncheats? I definitely don't think it can be the player's hand causing these high frequency patterns.

  2. These videos just make ME want to get aimbot to get better, but I wouldnt know where to start or get any knowledge for it.

  3. "unrealistic", "impossible". Men just because you suck at this game don't say every flick you see is aimlock. Pls ridiculous. Could be here explaining all frags but i'll just give 13:30 as an example. The guy is falling down from the box, ofc he adjust the crosshair, it's called moving your mouse.
    I have more than 10k of counter strike since it came out and can tell you most of this are possible without aimlocks. Stop this wave of dumbness saying all pros are hacking. One or other may be, but 99% don't. This is flat earth theory like.

  4. Great video. People always mock me when I mention I see their hacks. but I know what to look for. and now I know even more things to look for. Good job bro. the gaming world needs more people like you. I always say The devil is in the details. Shroud does cheat. and one day there will be irrefutable proof. I am willing to bet $100. if you were to access his pc without his knowledge you would find his hacks. And to think that the cunt made so much money off sheeple and tournament winnings by being a dishonest dishonorable cheating fuck makes me sick to my core.

  5. I don't even play CS:GO but I found this very interesting! Its probably a Source Engine thing, but I've noticed the Zig-Zag movement on aim-lock/bot during my days of Day Of Defeat Source. The game has a ridiculous recoil control on some guns. It near impossible for a even an athlete with 10 liters of dope pumped in his blood to keep the recoil down in that game. Yet some people I suspected of "hacking" always managed to get impossible kills from MGs and certain rifles. Interesting video nevertheless. I personally don't mind people hacking and fucking around with hacks in multiplayer games as you always have the option to skip the server. I still don't think one should be hacking, but if you are, then its the devs and your concern not mine. However when companies are pumping thousands of dollars in promotions and events promoting these "suspicious" pro-players, then things get a bit uncomfortable.

  6. Coldzera at 14:07 clearly cheating…. I can't believe that people actually thinks that no pro players cheat in this piece of shit game. It's gotten to that point that i'm only shaking my head

  7. most ppl who use cheats have a really low fov big smooth so it dosnt snap to ppl head/hitbox thats what ppl do who have been playing the game for along time but ppl who are new to csgo and just hacking for fun put max fov and 0 smooth and head that will snap to ppl head from anywhere (aiming) i know this as i hack too #dontfixcsgo

  8. Someone please tell me how I can contact Valve:
    I had a creative idea about using the aimbots mechanics against them, for example putting invisible no-clip characters or hitboxes directly in front of players at all times so that when they press their aimlock key NOTHING HAPPENS!
    If you can't fight the cheats you gotta adapt the game. Be creative!
    P.S. this would also solve all the spinbotters, rage-aimbotters and all aimbotters that exploit this mechanic. For wallers there should also be a solution…

  9. The cheat I would make… would act exactly like this…

    The Anti-cheat I would make against cheats… would do a lot of false ban, because you need an AI who stores player's behavior to know it's not just a random bug/mouse-problematic/lucky inhuman pattern…

    so basically whatever you do, VALVE don't give a fuck about it and no one can do shit against it. there will be always a tons of cheaters and there will be a shitty anti cheat
    these staph cames with the Game itself, it's called: hidden packages you paid for 😀

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