Cupid at 7/9 + Hacking in Castle Clash

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  1. Next video will be released in about 2 hours. I have 4 videos that will be
    released today including SandSeven vs Hurshh for a top 100 Arena ranking
    and episode 1 of Legends of Castle Clash with Phinalhour and myself
    interviewing Hiyallij. 

  2. Has anyone thought about a new base defense for Hero Trials where it is
    just the towers and heroes surrounded in walls? It seems that with so much
    agro flying it would be a good idea to have them stuck on the walls while
    the heroes & towers demolish

  3. THANK YOU FOR ADDRESSING THE HACKS ON IOS. I will join the fight against
    the hackers! iOS hackers really have not been touched! IGG DROP THE BAN

  4. if you want some free gems get it here
    i can do it to you coment your user here

  5. Fuck you pick of shit I looked at a vid on YouTube and you were hacking and
    you should get bann fuck you get bann get a nother moms basement , no one
    like hacker to pick of shit 

  6. Hacker outed on Android, but the real problem is on iOS where blatant
    hacking is taking place. Please support Phal’s series Here be Hackers to
    show igg we won’t stand for it.

    Another Hacker Raids Phall 

  7. Hey sandseven I am in love with this game and want to drop a few hundred to
    get spirit mage. I play on android, my only fear is that I’m worried about
    being hacked and having heroes consumed. If I got the floating purple
    hooker and had her consumed I’m just worried I wouldn’t be able to get her
    back. What should I do? As always keep up the videos!

  8. Thanks,,,,hey,,,,can someone plz help me generate some gems ,,,my username
    elsolid,,,,can’t download any hack tool since in my country no offers
    available,,,,plzzz help

  9. Hey sanseven. The legendaries i use are / TG 77. PD. 81. SM. 77. Immo. 70.
    And druid 81. And i can farm C. But cant beat D5 for anything. Know any
    base for me? TH 15. 

  10. I use all of your techniques to be the best a castle clash I been your sub
    when you had 1000 sub and I. Realize the you were hacking this entire time
    to you should get bann instead of making yourself look innocent fag

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