D3 World First Rollback from being Hacked + Why RMAH is going to Fail

D3 World First Rollback from being Hacked + Why RMAH is going to Fail

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  1. I take that back. I just realized this guy has been venting a shit ton. He is mad lol

  2. in the start of the video i saw the reflection from the screen in your glasses and i thought you had som fucked up eyes xD

  3. After hearing they got hacked man, i absolutely believe your reports and am waiting to see a flood of reports following yours. Theyre just reporting it now, so how long ago did that happen.

  4. After the info about BLIZZ getting hacked inc mobile authenticators, gives this guys report some credibility now. lol.

  5. so you’re saying corporations are never dishonest and we should always trust them? riiiiight

  6. After what he said about blizzard possibly salting the rmah he’s lucky he has an account.. This guy does not have a clue.

  7. Pretty much man man. Doesn’t help when people are dumb enough to try and use the same password for everything. Every login should have their own unique password. This video is pretty amusing.

  8. If you bought Authenticator to get your account 100% safe you’re not smart. Your account is NEVER 100% safe, not even your bank account, NOTHING is safe. Authenticator makes accounts more safe, but if something really gets by authenticator or not its your fault. And your “Blizzard is working with goldfarmers” is like saying “Cops are working with drugdealers”. Really? Daamn, this is a huge reason I have lost faith in humanity many years ago, because of people like you.

  9. And a funny thing, you mention “Why trust blizzard, who knows if they’re not just selling stuff them selves on RMAH.” Are you REALLY that retarded? You’ve either hit your head REALLY hard or you were born this stupid. First off noone got hacked while playing in public game, im not here trying to back blizzard, just trying to correct your stupidy. And secondly, maybe the hackers forgot to check the auction house to see if there were gold? Hackers are working people maybe they never even played D3

  10. And like other people say, its not allways 100% the keylogger too. But its allways your damn fault, but you allways blame it on the others because you’re like little kids, you point on someone else for your mistakes. Don’t have the same password, username and email for everything. I don´t need antivirus etc, because I got 5-6 different passwords I use, around 10user names and 10 active emails. No offense but you should reconsider playing solitaire. Somewhere you won’t get hacked and blame others

  11. You whine alot, you know that? Aren’t you old enough to stop bitchin’ like alittle girl? How about you grow up and stop being a whiny little bitch huh? First off you got your self hacked for watching hardcore gay porn and clicking on everything that says “You just won $1000000. Click here to claim it” Yay, what a retard. You’re the one to blame for being hacked don’t QQ about blizzard you can’t keep your computer clean. PS authenticator isn’t a program made of gold heaven that blocks keyloggers.

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