Damage Hack – World Of Warcraft Using Cheat Engine

Filename: crusadersquestcheatengine.exe

FileSize: 21 MB

Free crusadersquestcheatengine is ready for download

Damage Hack – World Of Warcraft Using Cheat Enginewas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15721





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  1. It works with many spells and items you just need to change the id and cheat engine works even with facebook games like wild ones,dragon city etc

  2. You can actually use a item Id that instant hits everything I even managed to use one of the lich kings powerful spells like berserk which makes him bigger and increases your damage and health tremendously

  3. cheat engine can only manipulate client data, as in data stored on your computer that woW servers will read. most things are saved on the server itself so that we players cannot edit the data. experience, level, damage values, healing values, gold, etc are all stored on the servers and cannot be changed without hacking the actual server itself. Cheat engine does not hack servers but instead edits programs.  You can however, change data such as what weapons you appear to be holding and the armor you are wearing as well as your race gender and mounts. But you still wont get any utility from them. Because like I said, effective data is stored server sided. You can only change appearances. #1 use of cheat engine? Is to make fake videos. Although ,back in original WoW, not everything was server sided. You could use cheat engine on games like warcraft 3, age of empires, mass effect, fallout, etc because those games are not online games with servers guarding the data.

    but you could change your armor to look like arthas and have fun doing that, but no one will see the change but you. Still, its good if u play League of Legends which charges you for your extra skins. Pfft charging for appearance? Just hack that shit lmao. fucking ignorant LoL.

  4. Hes doing massive damage because HE IS HIGHER LVL THAN THEM look at the fel soldiers lvl its gray and he wont show his lvl

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