Dark Souls 2 Build Showcase: Mystic Knight (SL 200 Dex/Int)

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  1. I have a question. You say that infusions aren't always the best, but what if it's a case like let's say the Mastodon Halberd. This is my main weapon for my STR/FTH build. Infused with Lightning it has B scaling in both stats. My friend uses the Loyce Greatsword infused with magic for his DEX/INT build. It has S for dex and B for magic. We always try to go for the weapons that provide the best scaling for both stats. Would infusions be better than non-infused if scaling is intended?

  2. Hey Mate !! Nice Video showing the casual s how to be versatile. Q! Can you lessen the affect of your build by putting to many points into a stat? say in your build to many points into strength? Would that be conflicting, will there be a damage bonus depletion ect?

  3. you know… i just dont get the 'you're casul for 200" shit. just play the god damn game, ya win some you lose some. if you lose frequently, theres something wrong YOU'RE laying.. i understand people are frustrated about soul memory.. and DkS3 is around the corner anyway.. theres challenging players and theres bad or new players. period! any weapon is a good weapon. its the person. im tired of all this crap in the community, its all a bunch of excuses! just play the damn game and shut the fuck up. lol

  4. Liked the video. Agree with you on most points. I would suggest turning up your mic, or turning down your game volume. It was kind of hard to hear what weapons you were suggesting because the game volume drowns you out a bit.

  5. Simply explaining your choice to not infuse was enough to satisfy me! Most magic+melee builds I've looked up are all the same, "MLGS and/or Blue Flame, magic infused." This set up always concerned me since adaptability is thrown out the window in both PvP and PvE (what you have to do to get this stuff in the first place). Thanks for the good guidance!

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