Dark Souls 2 PC: How to Spawn Items & Change Quantities w/ Cheat Engine

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Dark Souls 2 PC: How to Spawn Items & Change Quantities w/ Cheat Enginewas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15723


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  1. I apologize for this question but if I use a soul from cheat engine, would that count as enhancing sm especially if you start a new game just to create a build/cosplay?

  2. hey man i was wondering if you could help me please.

    I tried adding a boss soul and did it wrong and now it shows the boss soul in my inventory but its says 0 as how many of that item i have. I can't use it or leave it or discard it and cant transfer it to item box. Is there anything i can do??

    Im in offline mode the whole time so i dont get banned. I am worried i will get banned if i dont remove it before going back online though. Thanks in advance.

  3. So I started using this just to dick around offline, and every video I see of CE they always show these 2 ways of cloning items and creating weapons/armor. Is there a way to create things like boss souls and the such? Cause I've tried to apply the Weapon creating method but using a smaller soul and the new soul I get always has a stack of 0 so its unusable =/

  4. Wow if I'd known if it was that simple I would've done this earlier instead dedicated 10+ hours for a cosplay build -.-

  5. please can u tell how to carry more than 1 spell as like we carry weapons by right key nd items by down key but spells I able to carry only 1 by pressing up key

  6. does this work on scholar of the first sin, tried to get a new weapon and didnt work, just got same weapon

  7. Hey, wanted to spawn Sunlight Medal and it worked but its with 0 quantity and cant drop it… Any idea how I can spawn more?

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