Dark Souls 3 ► 10 Early Game Secrets

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  1. This may be far too late but:

    'Another nana disappeared' – A strange way of pronouncing 'Nanna' as in Grandmother? And the shrine handmaiden is Sirris' Grandmother.

    'The grandson carries a cage' – Referring to the cage carrying, non-hostile saw guy, who takes you to see Hodrick, who is Sirris' grandfather. So possibly can we infer that the cage carrying hollow is Sirris' brother? And they are both the grandchildren of the Shrine Handmaiden and Hodrick?

    Also, the use of 'another' in 'Another nana disappeared' would seem to connect to the old hags in DS2, and the fact that they were all precisely the same old woman. Maybe they all left over time? And maybe at some point they worked at the undead settlement, preparing hollows? (That last bits a bit more 'Wild Conjecture-y')

  2. The cage monster you mentioned at the end… ehm… He may already be dead.

  3. The "Friendly Undead Conglomerate" that you cannot figure out what he's on about – he IS giving you a hint to the mound maker's cage entry.

    Also, if you kill that "Friendly Conglomerate" you will be unable to join the Mound Makers at this point, and the Cage Guy will be hostile regardless of whether the area boss is dead.

  4. I've noticed that completing some questlines will result in certain NPCs dying and leaving behind their equipment, as if you killed them (well, you actually do kill at least two of them). Does this apply to all NPCs with questlines?

  5. I found the Crullish helmet inside the shellfish lair behind a fake wall. it provided me with +10 STR and scaled.

  6. I found a new thing you didn't know, you can see the Dancer of the Boreal Valley as soon as you enter the highwall in the cathedral window.

  7. The chinese (HK) subtitle is shit… it is just google translated. the other chinese subtitle tho, a lot better.

  8. The friendly undead amalgamation is talking about the Mound Maker's shrine, he's giving a hint on how to join them. So you are absolutely right.

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