Dark Souls 3 – CE table tutorial – Swap/Spawn items

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Dark Souls 3 – CE table tutorial – Swap/Spawn itemswas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15727


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  1. This is so irritating, I keep on crashing during online matches and it restricted my online, I dont want to create a new character because this one is legit and has 150 hours on it. Does anyone have a clue for Way of White circlets?

  2. I have a problem when he wants to raise the item says that you can not raise the subject because of the limit of equipment what to do?

  3. HI I tried to use this with .CT but mine CE.exe can't load it so I tried to use address to find item
    and it comes to Standard Arrow => 7FFA088B478 not 00061A80 is there anything relates between ID and address
    if you got any resource plz recommend, thx.

  4. Every time i try to do this my game crashes -.- . Anybody who knows a fix to this?

  5. Thanks, I was farming the flamberge and came close to a nervous breakdown.

  6. Tried item swapping for a Way of White circlet, it said "inventory/storage is maxed". Any clues on how to get it now?

  7. Yo i have a problem. There is no option called: "Last Pickup Item Highlighted". I have only these ones: http://imgur.com/q4K53s6 – check the imgur link please (and no, i am not idiot, i did everything you did in the video). Guess this is the newer version of the CE table and it got changed. I am using pirate version of the game. Maybe that's the problem? Did anyone found solution how to add items? Help please guys and thanks! :)

  8. Thanks man, was looking for a way just to test out some builds that way I can start up some new games to get the stuff legit for pvp.

  9. Is it possible to swap more than 1 item at the time, like a stack of 99 and spawn a stack of 99 new items?

  10. Hi! Can you teach us how to find the dropped items address manually? I want to use it on my pirated version as well

  11. Ok i know how to dupe items like rusted luck coins & stuff with numbers but how do i prevent MOST possible ban chance?

  12. Hi yesterday I used the list Engine code, and its not running the open a little box for objects opened its Lua Engine. help me plz

  13. Hey man, I'm just using this in order to get back the sunlight talisman (sold it by accident) and am having trouble with the step at like 0:43. The problem I have is that I don't see options for last pickup item highlighted and have no clue where you found that option.

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