Dark Souls 3 – Dancer of the Boreal Valley – Easy Kill Early Game.

Filename: darksouls3cheatdancer.exe

FileSize: 27 MB

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Dark Souls 3 – Dancer of the Boreal Valley – Easy Kill Early Game.was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15727


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  1. Rename it to noobway kill i did it with lvl 21 its easy, get est on +2 and 7 charges, pimp astora sword and ur fine

  2. I tried this last night, May 1st, and it worked beautifully.

    Takes about 5 minutes and is very easy to do.

  3. does this still work on the latest patch (1.04/1.06)? for me the swordmaster does not enter the fog anymore most of the times but when he does and dies I cannot save/quit the game anymore?

  4. whats the downside of killing the old lady early? i'm scared to kill her in case i miss out on something down the line…but i want to fight the dancer now..PLEASE HELP!!

  5. Maybe it got patched, but I tried to summon him for this boss and he get's his shit kicked in every time.

  6. So has this been patched yet? Just got the game the other day and there's an armor set I wanna get and I need to kill her to get to it.

  7. Can't wait for the inevitable patch and multitude of tears that will follow and its far from intentional to give a summon no hitbox, please be comfortable with the fact that you are breaking a mechanic and don't try to justify it, I think most people will be fine with it if it's not presented as some kind of gimmick kill because it's just not.

  8. People are weird if you have posted a video about cheesing, has this been patched yet?

  9. Does this work with ANY NPC, or is it just the swordsman, cuz i wonder if Lion Knight would be any good….

  10. I think is is patched, katana-guy now dies in two hits from dancer

  11. Funny thing is this won't help speedrunners in the slightest since you still need to kill yhorm, aldritch, and the artorias wannabe to even access the final boss.

  12. This is great! Thank you so much lol I've been wanting to do a dancer cosplay run for a while so I'm definitely going to do this ?

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