Dark Souls 3 PvP | SL 30 Raw Build Showcase w/Commentary (Part 1)

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  1. If you enjoyed the video then please think about hitting that Subscribe Button to catch all the upcoming Invasions, Duels and Trolling action (It is GREATLY appreciated).

  2. "So sad" 8:23 were you talking about you twinking in a low level area or the host twinking in a low level area?

    love the videos and tactics keep up the good work my man

  3. Hi !
    Do you use a graphic mod ?
    Your game seem "darker" than mine.
    Great video, and sorry if I made some mistake, English is not my first language
    Take care dude !

  4. It's okay to try hard and to do your best, the way I play is I try to win but I go in accepting a loss

  5. Yeah, if I invade someone fighting something like the Exiles, (Solo) I'll hang back and watch for a while. You get to see their moves, and watching the Exiles fight is always fun, so win-win! Not to mention they end up with less Estus left after the fight anyway, so I don't have to kill them 5 times over.

  6. whats the point of a low level build if you need ng+2 rings? and hornet ring? these are end game items.

  7. A soul level 30 run isnt that hard. It just feels more like the first darksouls. The worst part is no ones ever in summoning range to help you

  8. I quickly got bored with the new arena and thought I was finally done with ds3. Found your channel, watched this and your sl39 faith build, rediscovered the love. Thanks man

  9. the "just watch" part with aloe vera really creeped me out O_o… please dont do that again..

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