Dark Souls 3 – Recommended Build Guide (Strength Knight)

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  1. So.. maybe this is why I died 10 times on the first boss and like 15 on the second while everyone else claims that they're easy as pie? Playing thief, still wearing crap armor and have a shield that doesn't even protect me from damage. ¯(ツ)

  2. I need your expert stat adivice. I"m a level 227.knight. I'm on my 4th play thru im at rosarias with one more chance. I'm so scared. lol I don't think i want to do another play thru. I just need to be a balanced build for both PVE and PVP ( just in case of invasions with friends trying to get thru their 1st playthru)

  3. A much more effective recommendation would be using fire, deep, and blessed swords. That way you can focus on vigor, endurance, and vitality early since upgrading your swords gives you plenty of damage.

  4. At the end of the video how were you doing that 'blink dodge' looking thing?? I have over 100 hours on DS3 and Ive never seen that haha

  5. magic users are not powerful early in the game – Bullshit ! you just need to play it differently

  6. soul lvl 60 with most of my points in vitality, vigor, and endurance with a +7 Rae claymore. i want to use a boss/ scaled great sword but it always results in lower damage. everyone online says that raw is only good for early game but I'm 25hrs in and raw is still the best I'm also wearing mostly lothric armor

  7. Herald is the easiest starting class. Fantastic shield, light and durable armor and healing spells. Fits perfectly with Astora Straight Sword with Raw infusion so that you can focus on Vigor, Endurance and Vitality early on. Raw infusion on Astora Straight Sword makes perfect sense since its base damage is high and scaling is low. You'll get into 260+ damage range very early in the game, which is impossible through normal scaling weapons at that point.

  8. So I have a 400 damage heavy axe. Should I stick to a light weapon or a heavy weapon? I'm the knight

  9. i'm knight lvl 74, stats

    stamina :27
    endurance: 13
    vitality: 40
    strenght: 30
    dexterity: 18

    actually lvl up, endurance to 20 🙂

    using , lothric knight set, shield of want, heavy broadsword +6

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