Dark Souls 3 – Stats and SL Meta Explained

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  1. Lol pyro there with fire whip, I have to look that spell now. But I know the fire whip spell in Dark Souls is lame, a line of fire comes out of the hand in a slow sweep motion terrible spell for anything.

  2. Best to have a character just to max out (kinda like a personal end game character) but make another character for the so called "meta" for pvp because really there is no soft-cap. Because max characters vs max characters show cast raw skill with the combat mechanics and what gear they can get the most out of. Self cap just to self cap is stupid if you like playing a lot just my 2 cents

  3. there is a summon/invade range calculator, so that whole +/- 10 thing is wrong stay between lvl 130-140

  4. wow!!
    250 hours
    I'm on my plus with 45 hours in
    can't imagine playing for that long
    great work
    thanks for your efforts

  5. Can you make video about summoning based on weapon match making? Not a lot video about it n also not a lot people know about that tho.

  6. All I gotta say is in my opinion I can do what I want max level and invade random people because I want to and people like you who say I should stick to my own can fuck off I bough the game I'm gonna do what I want I personally hate metas except for the connectivity part that actually makes sense but everything else just irritates me so what are you scared of people being more diverse in a single build without having to change their stats like anyone that makes that arguments is shit an annoying

  7. So if I want to be good at everything and level up as much as I want, I won't be able to play with people???? Well I guess that's why Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 exists!

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