Dark Souls – Armor Guide: Heavy Sets 1/2

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  1. Ok Marcus probably hasn't done the nameless knight trail cuz if u keep going into the trail when u keep meeting him he tells u his name and his name is oscar

  2. i killed pinwheel after like 50 tries of gettin to him then i lose 21,000 souls i got from him

  3. I have a question. I sometimes see these special ripostes where you hit your opponent 3 times instead of 2. How can i do this

  4. The Elite Knight set, is to this very day, my main armor set in all of the souls games. I simply… Just cannot part with it. I feel at ease with it, and although it really lost it's touch since the first game, I still intend to keep it on my character, with his Longsword and crest shield (Astora straight sword in dks3… Yes, a Oscar build, basically.)

  5. Actually, the area in which you can find the Elite-Knight-Set is also a great place to collect souls: There's a bonfire nearby and the statues are fairly easy to defeat as they are relatively slow. 3 of them can be faced alone so you don't get interrupted by other enemies. The 2 remaining statues nearby the Elite-Knight-Set are in company with 2 Ent-Enemies each. But it's worth it: Each statue gives you 600 souls- 720 when finishing them off with a two-handed heavy attack.

  6. the knight that you were talking about with the elite knight set on the nameless knight is Oscar of astora you need to ring both bells to trigger him to the undead burg on the platform were warriors are throwing firebombs at you on the bridge

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