Dark Souls III (Guide) +9 Weapon Before Vordt (Second Boss)

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  1. I tried getting all the small shards, and I noticed that both the dragon-transforming hollows in High Wall of Lothric drop a shard on your first kill. They have to transform for the drop to happen.

    I may be wrong but it did work for me.

  2. Crown of avarice makes farming shards in high wall a joke. It will also nearly guarantee a lothric knight weapon/armor every kill( gotten a shard and 3 lothric knight pieces from one kill before) which all sell for 300/500 souls.i usually start with rusted coins to use on the first mimic.

  3. So, I uhm… Killed Vordt. Does this mean I have to actually fight the Dancer by myself? T.T Damnit.

  4. holy mother of god so much not worth. I just wanted an edge but now….. now i've seen things. Things i can't un-see

  5. It would be really nice if you would show all the footage of you going through the Castle and just speed it up. This video seems to be targeted towards newer players and new players don't know the map like the back of their hand like you do.

  6. you can actually get 5 guaranteed titanite shards in High Wall of Lothric

    5x at High Wall of Lothric:
    1x Go right from the first bonfire. Killing the transforming enemy at the top of the tower drops 1 Titanite and 1 Ember.
    1x Next to the second bonfire.
    1x Transforming enemy after the second bonfire.
    1x In a room below the roof that has the transforming enemy.
    1x Underneath the staircase in the room with the Cell Key and Estus Shard

    Got all this information from the wiki

  7. is it good idea to use fire gem on the +9 estus? like put fire gem on estus at start and then when i can lvl it to +9

  8. Started my second playthrough with this approach before going to NG+, it's definitely viable and interesting. Getting pretty close to clearing Lothric Castle. Which weapon is recommended for upgrading at this point? I'm leaning towards the Broadsword.

  9. This didn't work i don't know what i could've done wrong the first time but i kept trying to do it and it never worked. i haven't done day 1 patch is it something they added inn a patch

  10. I can't upgrade my firelink greatsword beyond 6+ ! It simply dispersed from the upgrade inventory the moment I upgraded it to +6. Can someone tell me what the heck I'm supposed to do

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