Datto’s Thoughts on the Destiny 2 PC Beta

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  1. I have xim 4 lol, it's amazing, never need to buy $5,000 worth of computer hardware over the coarse of two years but I love mouse and keyboard

  2. I agree that the scroll wheel should change. I only play on PC, and it felt a little weird switching to heavy weapons like that. I think that scroll wheel should only swap between primary and secondary, and leave your heavy on the number keys. It would make the game feel much more fluid to me.

  3. I'm running a 2nd Gen I7 (Yes, it's old) and a fairly new GFX 1060. I could run a solid 60fps on high settings. I was very surprised at how good it ran but, as a friend said, you don't need a top end computer to beat the specs in a PS4 Pro or X Box One X. Still buying it on PS4 though.

  4. Very good looking, ''unlike myself'', i ain't no homo, but you are beautiful Datto, don't let anyone's hate get to you no matter what topic, you're the best at what you do <3 (yes i know it was probably a joke, but just in case)

  5. I still prefer 6v6. That's the sweet spot in PVP MP games. 4v4 is too small and redundant and large scale warfare like 36v36 is really only good in large games. I hope they introduce 6v6 at some point.

  6. I hate the time to kill in destiny 2. I enjoyed playing the non PvP gamemodes in the beta, but PvP was not fun for me… you shoot 30 bullets to kill someone due to the shield. And then if another enemy comes you are dead. The purple guns and how you obtain the ammo is weird too I never even used them most of the time or someone took the ammo before I could.
    And the abilities in PvP/PvE felt bad too, reminds me of shitty Black Ops 3 classes or Infinite Warfare rigs.

  7. Keep listening to one of the reasons destiny 1's gunplay degraded from 'wow this is a great and fun weapon to play' to 'this gun is the only thing usable'

  8. After playing the beta on console, then playing on pc, I completely changed my mind, and went straight for the pc release. I mean, anyone who can run this game at medium settings on pc is automatically missing out. Datto seems indifferent when it comes to the pc version as opposed to console, but the pc version is far superior to the point where I'm literally jumping ship and switching platforms. I don't understand how you can nonchalantly act like 60fps alone doesn't completely change the game. It's night and day. Pc is the better choice by far, and you'd be missing out on a much better experience should you pick console. Period.

  9. Okay, just to further share the information because noone goes into detail on this game just reports the same generic stuff as everyone else. First, it runs well and this is not surprising to anyone because this is not a port, Destiny 2 was designed from the ground up on and for PC, the console versions are "dumbed down" versions and were easy to get out due to set-in-stone hardware frameworks to work with. Second, there is no "feasible way" to play with controllers on PC, you will get shot 9/10 times, people plug in a controller to enable the aim assist for M/KB which basically lets you destroy anyone and is a point of debate of being entirely removed therefore, though personally I would just set it so if it doesn't get input from the controller it shuts down automatically but hey.

  10. i feel sorry for the console losers. this game was tailored for PC and it showed. the game was actually playable on PC. do yourselves a favor and dont play this on console

  11. On the scroll wheel weapon switching, really helps if you have a mouse with a tight wheel like the g pro, rarely piss pick a weapon.

  12. Not meaning to try to do this but just wondering, is it possible to trick the system so that the computer thinks it's a controller while using a keyboard.

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