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  1. First of all thanks for this tutorial Sacriel, I love your stream and your
    Videos ;D <3. But I have a question: If I have Arma II (non Steam) and buy
    a new copy of Arma II (via Steam) is it possible to do it exactly like you
    explained it in this video? I'm not too familiar with that kinda stuff :P

  2. Hello Sacrial i watched this video and i am very impressed and thankfull i
    got banned and didnt wanted to buy another arma so now i took this video
    and made another thank you for that. Now i wanted to ask you if i can make
    a video with the same instructions just on german for those who dont know
    it maybe i kann help you there if you want me to do this replay me pls

  3. I play non steam dayz (arma 2 & arma 2 OA purchased outside steam) can I
    play another account if i purchase both again via steam this time and just
    let Dayz install both?? if so do i still need to change the registry key as
    above before i play with different account or will it recognize it as a
    steam and non steam accounts and run separately?

  4. so, ive created a new steam account, bought the game and runned it, but my
    cd key doesnt change, so what to do? 😀

  5. There is no such thing as a pro DayZ player, Sacriel is a YouTube producer.
    That is it. Nothing Pro about it. So, keep your moronic trolling down as we
    don’t want to hear your misinformed ignorant views. The problem with
    hackers in DayZ is strife because they DON’T get globally banned, that’s
    why they can server hop fucking us in the ass. If they did get globally
    banned you think they would consistently pay £15 to continue hacking?
    BattleEye is easily hackable, and hackers take advantage of it.

  6. does someone know if i can buy AO , and use a friends Arma 2 key to play
    Day-z ? meaning use friends Arma2 key and my newly purchased AO key , would
    this save me money ?

  7. The character is bound to a CD Key and saved on the server. So you won’t
    lose your character and you will load in as the character corresponding to
    the CD Key you have activitated.

  8. the problem with this is is that you have to buy arma 2 and arma 2 oa again
    and people dont really want to do that but after watching this a few times
    i understand it.

  9. if I install the second arma 2 copy will I lose the character I already
    have on my steam account? I have one steam copy of the game and one retail
    copy of the game downloaded from gameplanet. thanks’

  10. Gutted for the hackers they have to spend £15 per CD key… So yeah, let
    them continue using different CD keys, fucks them over.

  11. guys 5 free dayz keys on my new video i got the from a friend for free they
    all work /watch?v=O7TqMmhv4pk&feature=g-upl

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