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    Why do you watch this video if u dont like subject? And the only way to
    come to this video is by typing: “DayZ Hacks” We all know that >YOU< where looking for some hacks too -__-

  2. So you’re a hacker cause you are terrible at video games… You ruin games
    like this, you make them unplayable, but people like you dont care because
    its your way of getting some lil revenge and acting out cause you suck dick
    at games.. I bet you fail at life too. Cunt.

  3. I must say that i dislike hackers who abuse it… I mean it’s alright if
    its in a private server, otherwise you just ruin the game for others…
    Possibly newer players, and to me… Thats just not fair.

  4. This is why I want to learn about game design/programming. Simply to have
    fun like the person in this video, as that’s what its always been about.
    The fun-factor!

  5. WTF is wrong with all you hipocrites? Yes he hacks, so fucking what? You
    talking shit about hacks yet you are whatching this video despite the
    title. I don’t hack neither but I don’t give a fuck, I think it’s funny.

  6. 04:13 player name : Breivik


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  7. you cunt i hate people like you who think there good at the game when your
    shit you only hack because your shit at the game and you feel the need to
    UTTER UTTER ASSHOLE if you hate people like this welldone 2 u

  8. Not sure what’s more pathetic, this guy who is running premade scripts and
    calls it hacking, or the whole servers who beg him for free weapons.

  9. These Hacks suck add me on skype reecelowe5004 for hacks!! Must pay 1
    dollar or be really nice to me 😛 UNDETECTED

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