Dbd mobile- All KILLERS gameplay- Dead by daylight mobile iOS/Android gameplay

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In this video I will be playing all the killers in DBD mobile such as the plague, the spirit, the clown, the hillbilly, the trapper, the nurse, th wraith, the Doctor, the legion, the huntress, and the pig, if you enjoy the video plz don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe.

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  1. Quick reminder that video quality can go up to 720p so if you are getting anything lower you might have to manually switch.

    For my subscribers YES! This are all fresh new gameplays!

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    Discord: https://discord.gg/3e4xG9V

    All killers time stamp🙄
    The Clown: 1:06
    The hillbilly: 5:43
    The wraith: 8:40
    The hag: 15:17
    The nurse: 27:18
    The trapper: 35:47
    The doctor: 42:08
    The huntress: 52:29
    The legion: 1:00:44
    The plague: 1:08:44
    The pig: 1:18:11
    The spirit: 1:24:59

    More gameplays: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmNWNg6dyp4taWLBfPDWIHkxPS2C3KSew

    Plz leave a like and subscribe this video really took a long time to make 🙂

  2. I don't know why u people ignoring the survivors death. But I will not staring it on the hook. And I like that "dark is on among us" the one on the hoody. He's cool

  3. Плохо играеш англичанин!!! Танелиш игроков, кемпиш. Одним словом играеш как школьник! Я понимаю что ты меня непоймёш ведь я русский.

  4. Well, as your a bitch and this comment is probably gonna be deleted because of that i'm still gonna say it xD. 17:40 You're camping though your placing traps your intentionally placing a shit ton to make it look like "your placing traps" which you ARE but you are placing unnecessary traps like in the corner where nobody will go. Also what's the point in mobile? DBD is on pc and xbox and it is an easy game to run and it's more fun on pc and xbox, it also get's updated twice as much as it does on Mobile making it the superior version and i'm not against porting it to Mobile it does has it's ups and it's downs but overall pc and xbox are superior to Mobile and overall it is not worth getting. In your intro you didn't have to spend a whole fucking minute talking about your giftcard giveaway and the killers you were having trouble with it was completely unnecessary.

  5. There are 3 more killers that you did not show the game-play of (Cannibal, Nightmare, Ghostface). Are they not released on mobile yet, or you just missed them?

  6. I appreciate that. Of course, there is more work on Nurse and Huntress, probably the hardest characters..

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