DC Universe Online – Full Opening Game Cinematic

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  2. does anyone know where I can get the live wallpaper of superman from this cinematic? used to be on google play store and shazam but has been removed any help would be much appreciated.

  3. So if the Amazons are supposed to be anti-men, and what not, why do they wear clothing that attracts the eyeBALLS of every male on the planet?

  4. Such bullshit, by the time Black adam would even get to say Sh in shazam the flash would’ve fucked him up..

  5. Do you realise how MASSIVE the budget would be? This video alone probably cost a good $60,000-$100,000 at least.

  6. This is the animation for the superhero animated movies!! Come on! Do films like this on dvd, and it worth every euro.

  7. I agree every animated movie doesn’t need to be pg or pg 13 and hav lame graphics….sometimes they should mak them like this where superheros actually die…

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