DE Addresses Excalibur “Umbra” Hack (Warframe Prime Time Clip)


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DE Addresses Excalibur “Umbra” Hack (Warframe Prime Time Clip)was extracted from


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  1. I would recommend taking down your videos that directly show the hacks in game, or you risk getting your account deleted, even if you were not the one hacking. It's your own fault if you show clearly hacked content and not expect DE to get trigger happy with your account (if they can find out who hacked, and who was in the mission).

  2. Alright fuck the sacrifice fuck Excalibur umbra alright all I care about is the plains of eidolon not the sacrifice ok

  3. And now they re trying to sue a minor.. Nice de nice u are even more fuking childish than the guy who datamined relic percentages and stuff even though he claimed he had nothing to do with excal umbra

  4. 0:32 We don't care as to whether or not DE has full control of the situation—and we're not worried about it either. Sounds like they really don't have that much control if she has to come out and say that they do lol

  5. so now that excalibur umbra was announced at tenno conn this video means rebbecca was flat out lying to us here

  6. you know the funny thing here is? i had submitted several reports in the past when i had found any site that was promoting the hacking of warframe actively; and by actively i mean any site that was outright giving instructions how to do so, be it for simply gaining free platinum or bigger issues, I've only once ever gotten a reply back that they were "looking into it" . You would think that when a founder reports something of this nature to DE they would take it a bit more seriously; but then things like this happen.

    They really could have nipped this one in in the butt sooner then they actually got around to it is all i have to say on the matter.

  7. warframe has lost so many players I would think they would get one umbra out to get players back! I would come back if they did played for 2 years have everything I want in the game so there's nothing to do and nothing that keeps you coming back to the game!!

  8. if you guy miss me as rare loki the one is white ninja the skilled master loki type he not able to play for awhile.

    it seem wifi giving me time slow

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