Dead by Daylight 1.8.2 Online Full DLC Download + FixV28


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Dead by Daylight 1.8.2 Online Full DLC Download + FixV28was extracted from

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Link Update 1.8.0b:

This Update Won’t Work With Steamworks Fix V28, Wait For The New Fix
Link UPDATE 1.8.2:

LINK V1.8.1:
Link Fix V28:
link fix V26:
SaveFile full Killers and Survivors:
fix V27:
How To Play Online:
1- Do Steps Bellow[How To Install]
2- Download The Steamworks Fix (Works Only With Any Version )
3- Copy the content of this crack to your game folder
4- Download & Install Steam, Start Steam & Login with your account.
5- start PAYDAY 2 Demo (steam://install/251040) installation for a few seconds, then stop, delete.
6- Run The Game From [Launcher.exe] As ADMINSITRATOR. (Don’t Run From Desktop Shortcut)
7- When you’re in-game:
– Host : Host a game and invite your friends.
– Join : Accept the invite to join host’s game.
[Note: You Can’t Add Friends In Steam Without Using 5$ At Least, So If You Hadn’t Paid 5$ You Can QuickJoin You And Your Friend Simultaneously]
8- Enjoy Playing Online.[Connection Is Perfect Its Hosted By Steam]


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  1. version1.9.0 cuando cambias el archivo y entras en el juego despues de todo el procedimiento se queda igual,es como si no hubieras hecho nada

  2. hey man i need 1.8.0a to b updater to run the 1.8.0b to 1.8.2 updater can you give me a link?

  3. Required data not found in current dir or wrong version! (this leaves when wanting to install the update 1.8.2 does not let SAM install what is the problem of the update or is it not the same version? )

  4. thank you very much sam now let's wait for the FIX and then a video how to install the DLC with the steamcrack greetings kp

  5. Sam the new patch is 1.8.2a when are we going to be able to play that version and will it bring new FIX ?? man is grateful

  6. when i choose the file"dead by daylight" it : says Required data not found in current dir or wrong version!
    big problem in update pleaase help!!

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