Dead By Daylight: 10 Survivor Tips and Tricks


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  1. How to save team mates:

    use mouse 1 to unhook

    press WASD depending on direction you wanna go

    press shift while pressing WASD

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  3. Just a heads up to those who don't know; the hooks no longer tell you which killer is which at the start of a game. They now are just based on the map!

  4. I'm far late for this, but just in case someone happens upon my comment, when you are a survivor, try not to sprint very often. It leaves a trail that the killer, if good enough, can track you down. Make your escape fast, but slow down and sneak away to keep him from following you the whole time.

  5. I like to sprint in front of the lockers but not go in them, it is useful because the killer can see the tracks you make when u sprint and he will check the locker which will take him valuable time. the only downfall is if a survivor enters the locker and he is pretty much screwed.

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