Dead By Daylight 2.0.0 BloodPoints Testing *2018* *EAC BYPASS* *CHEAT ENGINE* *EASY*


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Dead By Daylight 2.0.0 BloodPoints Testing *2018* *EAC BYPASS* *CHEAT ENGINE* *EASY*was extracted from

Hello Guys…

Welcome To My New Tutorial. 30/May/2018!
Now in This Video… I’m Just Going to Update you
That BloodPoints Hack Is Working in New Public Test.

I Have Test in 3 Different Accounts.. And Its Working!

Its just a Same Process like OLD ONES!
So Just Do The EAC BYPASS… Open Game From Binaries.. and Start CHEAT ENGINE to MODIFY your BLOODPOINTS!

*Download EAC BYPASS* :!VxoxhS7J!ISGomYJ1DNS_DwAlQk7K6KvixierAQ4W8rQePV709AE

*Download CHEAT ENGINE* :!x1IQhJzJ!Vng2wXZSZiGf0NJDJyyvMxpVUMkJcZRQJkTFfDhuzaE

~Please Watch This Video To Apply EAC BYPASS :

~Please Watch This Video To Remove EAC BYPASS :

Its a Very Simple Process.
I Hope It Also Works For You!

*If you have Any Questions Related Anything… please Comment Down Below…. I Will Reply yuo as soon as i Can* 🙂

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in the End.
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Thanks For Watching!
Enjoy.. Take Care… Cheers~


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  1. Hello Guys… Whatsup?
    Easy Method as Always… Enjoy The Video… Dont Forget to SubsCribe the Channel~
    More Videos Coming Soon! 🙂
    Take Care… Cheers~

  2. I have used the 2.0.0 save cloud editor method and I tried to modify my save with the programme. The level option is not there. If I use cheat engine for getting the level 50 will I get ban?

  3. i have a question when you say only 500k max bp what did you mean that you can only spend 500k or that you should hack the bp to 500k only? please tell me thx and keep the good work

  4. I have problem becouse when I open this hacked dbd I cant go to game bcs

    I get a message about the lack of internet connection even though I had it

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