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  1. i wonder if the recording went like
    ok say death
    no no no say death
    … ok that will do

  2. Would have preferred the classic Nancy, I mean Laurie & Nancy in a game together, that would please any horror fanatics. The iconic final girls with the iconic serial killers.

  3. Killer idea: the soldier. Power: he has a gun that will insta down on a successful shot, but you only have 3 shots a game, that’s it.
    Perks: Deadeye. Your vision is 10% wider and 50% clearer. Backup. Every time you hit your obsession, you give a -1% speed boost to healing, vaulting, unhooking, etc. tough as nails. Recover from flashlights, pallets, descisive strike and wiggle out 30% faster.

  4. I want an innocent looking little boy/girl as the next killer, he/she could be the "The Possessed" and he/she could be holding a little toy that is just riddled with sharp nails or glass and has ghostly abilities. That'd be cool.

  5. (This Is an Idea That's been nagging me for a while and i wanted to know if you'd like it)
    Next DLC: The Cooking Season
    Killer: The Chef
    Description: "Even Before Being Nothing But A Mortal Man Serving Sweet Hot Cold And Other Foods to Normal Patrons of His Cookery He suffered And Awful fate while on the job But Luck had him a golden Ticket to Resume Living By The entity The Chefs Main Weapon is a Spatula But It Has Blades On It That cut Stab and Slash Into Survivors Causing A lot Of Pain His Special Ability is Called: Blade throw Every 20 Seconds The Killer Can Launch A Blade Out of his Spatula And At and into Survivors that will Also Cause A lot of Pain too But Survivors Will Only Feel That Pain Every 20 Seconds The chef comes with 3 Perks The First One is "Resistence" Once at least 1 Generator Is done Every Pickup Drop Pallet Break Generator Break Vault Attack Cool down Miss and Attack Cool down hit Is slowed down by at least 1 second But Attack Speed Mori And Walk/Run Speed Is Faster But At least 4 Seconds (For run/walk speed You'll be going faster to 10 SPS (to me steps Per Second) the Second Perk is "Narrow Path" Twice Per Match If A Survivor That Has And Uses Dead Hard Narrow Paths Gives you a Chance to Grab them And Pick them up when There Juking you to Get away from you (Giving the Survivor That Narrow Path And You Grab Them Picking them Up) The Last Perk Is "Hook Warden" When 3 Generators Are Done hooking a Survivor and them Being on there First Or second Hook Summons The entity (To Block The Hook Until either the 4th Or Last Generator Is Done)
    New Survivor: Bill "Brandon" Roads
    Bill's Look: Brown Hair White Jacket Red shirt Green Beanie black Pants Blue shoes And Yellow and Orange Gloves
    Bill More Known As Brandon Is One Of the Common People That went to the chefs resturraunt Until the entity Brought The Chef Back to Life And Ran for his Life before being Brought Back TO the Place but confined until he Escaped Brandon Comes With 3 Perks The first One is: "Medic" All Self Care Self Heal (Medkit) And heals To Other People Take Less time And The Great skill check Part is Bigger the Second perk Is: "Engineer" Sabotogeing Hooks and Traps and Repairing Generators take Less and Make the skill check bigger (and sometimes With this Perk Gives you: "Brand New Part" For a Generator) The Final Perk Is: "Remember?" You sometimes frighten the Killer With a Flashlight Every Time you Use the flashlight (After you blinded the once) The Flashlight Stun Lasts Longer Each Time You Blind the Killer
    New Map: Chefs Cookery (Chefs Old Name: Zackery)

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