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  1. If they ever put ghostface in I think this should be an ability:

    Ghostface calls each survivor and it will reveal or at least point the direction at where the survivor is

    Survivor has to do quick time button things to turn the phone off

  2. Started off really good, but devs didn't want to let survivors get used to him,so they nerfed him too hard a week later,and how he's at the bottom tier,alongside Wraith and Hag.

  3. Change this sorry peace of shit freddy is fucking ridiculous why tf can we not see him tht so dumb the music doesnt fucking help at all and you guys fucking lied about making him move slower in the dream world just make to where we can fucking see him damn this is the most dumbest fucking killer in the game just cuz of tht bullshit make him like the wraith atleast thts better and not some annoying peace of shit with dumbass kid music who wants to be a child moleter killer anyway

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