Dead By Daylight Ban Wave 1.9.4c (ALL HACKS PATCHED)


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Dead By Daylight Ban Wave 1.9.4c (ALL HACKS PATCHED)was extracted from

Hello Guys.


Lets Talk About
Dead By Daylight Patch 1.9.4c

Finally DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Responded to Hackers

Many People Got Banned After New Update.
~They Patched All Hacks/ Cheats

~You Cant Modify Your SaveFile
~You Cant Add Items/Addons to Your SaveFile
~You Cant Add/Remove Legacy Once You Added
~You Cant Use Wallhacks/Speedhacks
~You Cant ByPass EasyAntiCheat Anymore
~You Cant Modify Your Bloodpoints

GreenLuma ReBorn : To Hack DLCs.

SteamCharts Link :
You Can See By Yourself How Many Players Are Gone This Month

The Point Of This Video Is To Show You, They Patched All Hacks.
So Wait A Few Days… There Might Be New Cheats Coming.

Did you get Banned?

***Question***: What happens when you get perma Banned in Dead By Daylight?
***Answer***: You Cant Do Anything About It, Even If You Get Banned By Error… They Wont Unban You.

So The Only Solution Is, If You Want To Play Dead By Daylight Again, Make New Acc, Buy Dead By Daylight… and Start Playing Fair.. & Wait For Some Days, There Might Be New Cheats Coming To Bypass EasyAntiCheat.

What are your thoughts For New Update 1.9.4c?
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Comment Down Below, And I Will Reply As Soon As You Can 🙂

Thats It For Today Guys.

In The End, I Apologize To All Of You Guys
Who Watched My Video, And Get Banned

This Was Some… Random Sudden Ban Wave From DEAD BY DAYLIGHT…
No One Knew This Gonna Happen in New Update

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Thanks For Watchign
See You In My Next Video ~ 🙂



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  1. Jokes on you buddy, just used a wallhack (chams) and by-passed the client yesturday, so yeah devs are dogshit. But still im planin to stop bcs the new patches look interesting

  2. 1. ochido was pure cancer and was exploiting
    2. dave richard doesnt go over the bans Not_Quen and other comnunity managers do that
    3. max ban is 3 or u wil get hwid banned
    4. karma is a bitch

  3. They got a new anticheat where you cant delete it and put it your own, congratz, the devs are learning.

  4. Damn… I was going to do someone of your hacks, had the videos prepared for it, then i saw that video… Keep doing/working on hacks you made good videos. I will wait for more hacks, i love this game, but untill the game doesnt get balanced in both sides (killer/survivor) i will keep doing hacks like you showed in your videos. Good luck and come back soon with more of them!!! 🙂

  5. my profile was private and everything but still got banned because i had 2000flashlights and more things and all dlcs and legacy p3 lvl 50 basically all hacks except wall and speed

  6. Apparently there is now a new Offline Bypass, but no one wants to make it public :/ (source: mpgh) I hope you discover the way yourself and show it to us!
    I will always support you, greetings!

  7. Good video once again, I am glad that I didnt got banned dbd means a world for me as I started playing it.
    If you got banned and you really love dbd, dont give up.
    Make a new account on Steam, buy dbd again and play it. Like No0b3, OchiDO and many other famous dbd players did.
    Good luck to all of you! <3

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