Dead By Daylight Cheating Tutorial #3- How to Cheat in Legacy and Exclusives


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Dead By Daylight Cheating Tutorial #3- How to Cheat in Legacy and Exclusiveswas extracted from

Edit: For the second method, all cosmetics will go away once you restart your game.

Pastebin Link w/ scripts:

Credits to xoreaxeax for all the scripts in this video.

I am not responsible for any bans as a result of using the scripts in this video. Use at your own risk.

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You will need an EAC Bypass and Cheat Engine to do this:

EAC Bypass Video:

HWID Spoofers-


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  1. There is a new empty item slot in patch 3.0.0 (Use this where I say to use 967)
    Empty slot: 1116

    Updated scripts for legacy and exclusives for the latest patch.

    From xoreaxeax:

    I also noticed something else a bit odd, the slot IDs will now have to be scanned for as an 8 Byte value. The game is using two identical DWORDs as the slot ID so you either need to replace the value twice in your tool, or in the case of cheat engine it's probably just easiest to use 8 Byte from now on (for finding and changing slots). If you don't understand what I'm saying you only need to browse the memory in cheat engine and look what happens when you change the value in game.


    Empty slot: 4793183503452

    Yellow flash: 4621384811572

  2. Hello, can you give me a tutorial on discord i really can't understand what's happening you are too fast disc: AlexIv#6202

  3. Can somebody help me? when i put in table cosmetics scripts this shows [string"…" ]:24 syntax error near '/'

  4. When I put the exclusive cosmetics in the table it works in game but when I try to close dbd it freezes my pc and I loose all the cosmetics I just hacked how can I keep them without it crashing?

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