Dead By Daylight Cheating Tutorial #5- How To Edit Your Save File (Unlimited Everything)


FileSize: 27 MB

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Dead By Daylight Cheating Tutorial #5- How To Edit Your Save File (Unlimited Everything)was extracted from

Notes: The 3.0.0 file is 12.4 GB for anyone wondering.Uploading it to Google Drive to make it even easier. Also I was really high in the first part of the video and really tired in the others so if I fucked up that’s my bad.

I am NOT responsible for any bans as a result of using this program. It is public and can be detected at any time. If this is to ever be detected I would change the title of the video to reflect its current status.

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Run Command- steam://open/console
Depot Download Command- download_depot 381210 381211 9043651681125706667
Simple 3.0.0 Download-

Save Game Editor-
Save Injector-

HWID Spoofers-


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  1. Is it work when i got the bypass you showed in one of yours videos (witch work), or i need to downgrade my dead by daylight? ;/

  2. mine says errorcode 100 and i cant play anymore. i did it the first time and right after it i couldn't do anything. It says that i need to contact the support. :/

  3. Is there a chance of me getting banned by making a new steam account and instantly do the hacks?

  4. im looking for Hunt showdown cheats can u do something with it? Like increase lvl or prestige with cheat engine @toxic ? 😀 btw nice cheats bro!

  5. If i max every character to 50 (even tho i dont have them) and give them like 1000 of flashlights , usefull addons and those things will i get banned ?

  6. When i modified everything i need on 3.0.0 and restore the game to 3.0.2 do i keep the modified items in 3.0.2 where i can play with friends ?

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