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Today the devs put out the November Developers update. It included an update on the dedicated servers progress, some Spirit changes, a description of how future events will be handled, the new Archives levels release schedule (Tome I: Level 3 – November 27th & Tome I: Level 4 – December 18th) and this amazing news that everyone on all platforms will be getting these ultra rare exclusive cosmetics for free!

Alongside the launch of Chapter 14, we’ll be granting everyone the following cosmetics:

Chuckles (Trapper – Ultra Rare Mask)
Dweard (Dwight – Ultra Rare Head)
Sharp Mustache Jake (Jake – Ultra Rare Head)
Studded Jacket (Jake – Ultra Rare Body)
Retro Windbreaker (Claudette – Ultra Rare Body)
Claudette’s Weekend Shirt (Claudette – Ultra Rare Body)
Purple Cords (Claudette – Ultra Rare Legs)
Leather Hoodie (Meg – Ultra Rare Body)
Retro Sneakers (Meg – Ultra Rare Legs)
The BIG Hat (Ace – Ultra Rare Head)
The TPGS Hat (Ace – Ultra Rare Head)
Lazer Bears Victory Polo (Feng Min – Ultra Rare Body)
Lazer Victory Shorts (Feng Min – Ultra Rare Pants)
Donkey Jacket (David King – Ultra Rare Body)
Hound (The Huntress – Event Mask)
Untamed Donkey Jacket (David King – Event Body)
Pro-Pain Hammer (The Hillbilly – Event Weapon)
Free Song Bird Slip Dress (Kate Denson – Event Body)

For in depth analysis of the Spirit changes go over to The King’s channel for his video here:

Here’s the forums blog post of the November developers update:

Also the Nintendo Switch got the new patch today! Here’s the forums post about that:

Here’s the wiki link to the list of exclusive cosmetics:

Thanks for watching!

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  1. I literally just noticed this today and starting freaking out cuz I thought i was bout to be banned😂😂

    (This is my first time getting on in a while**)

  2. Okay the code cosmetics is okay, I understand that one, but the event cosmetics is actually extremely stupid. I didn't grind my ass off for an exclusive cosmetic just for it to be given away completely free. And looks like they agreed with me, I can't find the event cosmetics but I do see the code ones, which i'm grateful for as a console player. Also for the bloodletting one, console players should get a chance so that they can get it while it's still exclusive for pc, making it so that console players can get the exclusive within the limited time frame while not flipping off the pc players who got it while it was still available.

  3. I feel it would’ve been nice to also get the bloodletting shirt to everyone as well since from what you showed us costs $500. I bet people are still gonna get scammed when getting that shirt at a ridiculous price.

  4. I just realized they gave the propane billy away and all that I grinded for that on the summer event 2 years ago, that wasn’t a code

  5. I always wondered why my David donkey jacket wasn’t in my inventory so it dipped out of ppls inventory lmao

  6. I like that you went through and explained where all the cosmetics came from Paulie, that lets us know you are OG lol Only the psychos got the legacy.. like Monto.
    Also I did not get the pro-pain hillbilly hammer from the event.. But ugh my huntress and david and kate cosmetics I earned through the event EVERYONE gets now, kind of annoying but I guess I can get my pro-pain hammer I missed unless I just am not going to get it today.

  7. Wow I am really surprised they gave these away to everyone considering some of these were going for a lot of money, and I know some people probably bought them for A LOT of money.
    Like for real the people who love this game enough to spend money on exclusive cosmetics must be super pissed. That's like if I bought some of the cosmetics from the store and then one day they just give everyone those for free..

    Tbh I am also pissed that my Untamed Donkey Jacket that I had been using exclusively on my David because I earned it during that first event is now available to everyone. It was the one item that I knew I had that not a ton of people didn't because I played the game during that event. Guess I get the normal Donkey Jacket though finally which always cost a fortune.

    I do have to say that I support them basically taking power away from the scammers who were overpricing these cosmetics, they were definitely not worth as much as people were selling for. So that is one good thing the developers have done.

    The bad thing is that they still don't support proper 21:9 in this game on an ultrawide monitor.

    I'm also not a fan of any of the Spirit changes. I feel it's just a case of bad survivors whining and bitching about a killer that actually had some strategy to her, and since they complained enough they just fixed it so people would stop bitching. Behavior eventually gives in to everything, except proper 21:9 support which they actually removed from the game when it was in it at one point.

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